Triple Option: R.J. Washington's time

Every weekday morning, a member of the SoonerNation gives his take on three things happening in the Sooner sports world.

1. The Insight Bowl could prove to be the turning point in defensive end R.J. Washington's career. In that game, Washington went head-to-head with Iowa's Riley Reiff, a probable top 10 pick next month, and racked up two sacks. Bob Stoops has since raved about Washington's work ethic and leadership. Washington, remember, was the top recruit from the class of '08 and the No. 1 player from Texas. Once, he seemed destined to remain on the sideline. Now, he seems primed for a big senior season.

2. The battle at CB continues. Mike Stoops is trying out a number of different combinations. But don't rule out Aaron Colvin. Stoops has praised Colvin's versatility so profusely, you wonder if in the back of his mind he's considering swinging Colvin there. If Kass Everett or Gabe Lynn or anyone fails to emerge there, Stoops won't hesitate to make a move. Corner is a critical position in a Mike Stoops defense, and he will be sure that position is solidified. Even if that means changing Colvin's position again.

3. How long will it be before the men's basketball team returns to the NCAA tournament? Given what's returning, and what's coming in, it's incredibly difficult to envision the Sooners being part of March Madness next season, either.