Highlights from Bob Stoops' radio interview

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was on KREF SportsTalk 1400 AM on Wednesday with former OU players Teddy Lehman and Dusty Dvoracek. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On how the spring is going:

It’s going really well. We’ve got a lot of good work in. We’ve been relatively short on injuries, which has been positive. I’ve been happy. The guys are working well and getting better.

On Mike Stoops transitioning back to defensive coordinator:

It’s been been easy. Just like how I feel it would happen with me, easy to do. What you always have done. He’s transitioned into it really well. He’s implemented good things. Guys have taken to do. Going really well.

On him being the same fiery Mike Stoops:

Oh yeah. To a degree. You need that kind of intensity and focus. Going really well for him.

On new linebackers coach Tim Kish:

It’s going well. Tim is very detailed in everything he gives them. Guys are taking to it well. Lot of competition there, which is always healthy. We have a new set of eyes, to see what they’re able to do, who’s making most plays, most consistently. It’s been good. Like the way it’s going.

On Trey Metoyer:

Trey has been really special. That’s really been a great thing. The two linebackers have shown up a lot, Frank Shannon and Aaron Franklin, really doing well also. Really positive. We’ve been looking at P.L. Lindley at defensive end, he’s doing a nice job. Those are some guys that really stick out right now.

On replacing Travis Lewis:

We’ll see. Other guys are all doing well. Joe Ibiloye doing great. Corey Nelson has played a lot of good football for us. I see Tom (Wort) staying inside. Aaron Franklin is also doing really well. Those guys see for the most part. There’s good competition going between all of them.

On the defensive line:

Casey (Walker) has been out, and actually the last week, Stacy McGee been a little banged up. We do have some young guys. Jordan Phillips is really coming on and started making some more plays. A very talented guy. Jordan (Wade) has a ways to go, but has made good strides. Getting better, made a few plays the other day.

On DE R.J. Washington:

R.J. is doing a good job. Marquis Anderson is the other guy who I was thinking of, making a few more plays there at d-tackle. Those guys like always have to keep developing.

On who the go-to guy will be without Ryan Broyles:

I don’t know that we’ll have a go to guy. Don’t know if that’s the right way to say. More all of those guys. Kenny Stills, Jaz Reynolds, Trey Franks, Trey Metoyer now and we got some other young new guys coming in we really like. More spread it out to all of them.