Trotter's Mailbag: Bob Stoops' successor

Jake Trotter answers readers’ questions about Oklahoma football in his mailbag every Friday. Got a question for Jake? Submit it here.

Charles in Idabel, Okla., writes: Landry probably has to be the first off the board for next year’s draft. After him, who do you see getting drafted in next year's NFL draft?

Jake Trotter: If you’re talking quarterbacks, Landry Jones likely won’t be off the board before USC’s Matt Barkley. But if you’re talking Sooners, I wouldn’t be stunned if Lane Johnson were next off the board. Left tackles are always in high demand and Johnson has some natural ability and a ton of upside. Cornerback Demontre Hurst and safety Tony Jefferson -- if he went pro -- would be in the mix, too.

ADR in Beaumont, Texas, writes: Jake, say Mike Stoops stays at Oklahoma as defensive coordinator for another five years under Bob Stoops. Would Mike be the favored successor to his brother or would Josh Heupel or someone outside the program be?

Jake Trotter: Great question. You are spot on in asserting that it would come down those two. I might give Mike the slight edge because of experience, but Heupel is very well liked by the right people in the administration. It would be fascinating to see what OU would do.

Jason in Oklahoma writes: Jake what's the latest on the sooner network teaming with Fox?

Jake Trotter: Jason, I haven’t heard a thing about it since the Sports Business Journal report came out a few months ago. I will follow up, though, this week to see if they’re close to announcing a deal.