Battle for backup quarterback still up in air

So far, neither Drew Allen nor Blake Bell has locked down the No. 2 QB job, a battle that figures to continue into the fall. Bob Stoops, however, has been pleased with the development of both this spring.

"They're doing well. It's kinda day-to-day,” Stoops said. “They'll get their stretches when they're doing well and then a play pops up that they have to learn from. That's why you keep putting them out there.”

The first week of camp, Bell worked some at tight end, raising speculation he might see time there in the fall. Stoops pointed out that was just a stopgap as incoming tight ends Brannon Green and Taylor McNamara learned some basics of the offense. OU doesn’t have a returning tight end on scholarship.

“He did early in camp because of those young tight ends - those new guys - we're still figuring it out,” Stoops said.