Forum chat wrap: OU quarterback targets

The SoonerNation staff -- joined by ESPN.com Midlands recruiting writer Damon Sayles -- held a live chat on our forum Thursday night to talk about OU football and recruiting. Check out the full transcript here.Insider

Here are a few highlights from the chat:

From ari20dal7: Of OU's current QB recruits, who has the highest ceiling as a Sooner? Who has the most bust potential?

Bob Przybylo: I think Cody Thomas has the highest ceiling. Love his film, love his measureables and enjoyed talking to him at the Elite 11 event three weeks ago. With that said, all three have questions.

1. Brayden Scott - Will he grow? 6-2 is nice, but 6-4, 6-5, would be better. He dominates the Oklahoma HS scene, but what does that really mean at a 3A level?

2. Kelly Hilinski - Got the passion, but does he have the game? His footwork is a real concern. Everybody thinks he will blow up with offers, but it's mid-April, and it still hasn't happened yet. Gotta be a reason, right?

3. Cody Thomas - It's all about baseball. If OU takes a chance on Thomas and then he elects to play baseball instead, well, yea, don't really to illustrate how tough that will be.

It's sad you have to nitpick like this, but when you're looking for your potential future quarterback, it's what you have to do. I've enjoyed getting to know all three. And regardless of what some have told me, no, I really don't have a dog in the race.

From SoonersFanSteve: Who do you seeing getting the most time at slot this year?

Jake Trotter: That's a tough one. Probably Trey Franks, but it wouldn't shock me if Kenny Stills gets a lot of time there.

Brandon Chatmon: Ideally you move Kenny or Trey Metoyer in there because the bottom line is you need a playmaker at slot so why not throw Metoyer in there a little bit this season, why wait? All this said, I wouldn't be shocked to see a freshmen come in and become a key rotation player in the slot, particularly late in the season.

From S O O N E R S: Looking ahead to 2014 recruiting.... Do you think OU will see a bounce in signings on the defensive side of the ball due to Mike Stoops and Tim Kish having been in place for a full year and being more rooted in the program?

Damon Sayles: A year in the system helps anybody ... even when your last name is Stoops. The Sooners will have a great chance to evaluate what they have and what they need probably by the fourth or fifth game, and the coaches will be ready to rock and roll with the 2014 class. Personally, I think it's all about taking the aggressive approach and gunning for who you want. Look where it's gotten Texas A&M with the 2013 class thus far.