Chat wrap: Sterling Shepard's potential

SoonerNation writer Jake Trotter chatted with readers on Monday about Oklahoma football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript. If you didn't get your question answered, send it to Jake's mailbag.

Here are a few highlights from the chat:

Koby (Camp Lejeuen, NC): Are we getting a Ryan Broyles 2.0 out of Sterling Shepard? He seems very similar to his play style and ability-set. What are the chances that he or Durron Neal starts?

Jake Trotter: I'm not sure we'll ever see another Ryan Broyles. But Shepard has the potential to be an effective player out of the slot. He's shifty, good in finding open space, good hands -- a natural for that position. With Trey Metoyer basically solidifying a starting role, it will be difficult for either Shepard or Neal to start -- but both have a chance to play big roles in the passing game.

Josh (Louisville, KY): Outside of Landry Jones, who is the most draftable on our roster for '13 and where do you see them being taken?

Jake Trotter: Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson. I could see either being second-round picks, if they had monster seasons and came out early.

ScubaStevieDoobieDoodoo (Norman): JT, Our competition this year looks to be WVU and maybe Texas. Who else will play us tough enough to make it interesting?

Jake Trotter: There has never been as many teams capable of winning the Big 12 as there will be this season. K-State has Collin Klein back at QB, OSU should still score a ton of points even with the freshman QB, TCU has an underrated offense. All three of those teams, plus WV and maybe Tech will be tough outs.

Rainy_Daze (Norman): Any chance Danzel Williams earns some snaps this year, without injuries? Which RB has the best season for OU?

Jake Trotter: I doubt he gets more than spot carries. Too many others ahead of him on the depth chart (Dominique Whaley, Damien Williams, Roy Finch, Brennan Clay). Factor in the Belldozer and Trey Millard getting his 4-5 carries a game, and I just don't see where Danzel fits in, barring injury to somebody.