Should Aaron Colvin be moved back to CB?

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Today's question: Should Aaron Colvin be moved back to cornerback?

To be successful in a Mike Stoops defense, you have to be solid at cornerback. That's why moving Aaron Colvin from safety to corner makes all the sense in the world. The Sooners have one All-Big 12-caliber corner in Demontre Hurst. Think about how tough the Sooners will be against the pass with two. Yes, Colvin sliding to corner leaves OU with questions at safety. But the shifting of Tony Jefferson from nickelback to free safety should be a calming influence on Javon Harris. Harris struggled at times last season, but he's a senior and still one of OU's five-best defensive backs. The Sooners are better off giving Harris another shot at safety alongside Jefferson, then debuting somebody completely new at corner and hoping for the best.

- Jake Trotter

While moving Aaron Colvin to cornerback makes perfect sense at first glance, I don't think it's the best move for Oklahoma's defense. Colvin is one of the top playmakers on the team and a solid tackler. A move to cornerback takes him away from the action in the middle of the field, not to mention the impact his coverage ability can have against slot receivers in four-receiver packages. Lamar Harris had a solid spring and the overall depth at the cornerback position has improved, lessening the urgency of a move.

In this era of pass-happy offenses in the Big 12, the Sooners need as many cover guys on the field as possible. Leaving Colvin at safety gets them closer to that goal.

- Brandon Chatmon

What has helped Aaron Colvin stand out so much has been his versatility so there is no wrong answer here because he will adapt to whatever is being asked of him. However, he should stay at safety. He proved to be so effective at the position last season and was definitely one of the bright spots of 2011. Mike Stoops won't put his players in a spot where they cannot succeed. Though incredibly early in the process, it doesn't appear like cornerback will be as big of a concern so why mess with a good thing? Colvin is a game-changer, whether it's in coverage or as one of the most consistent tacklers on the squad.

- Bob Przybylo

Aaron Colvin will start for the Sooners in 2012, whether it's at safety or cornerback. But I believe he'll move back to cornerback as Mike Stoops tries to put his four best defensive backs on the field. With Tony Jefferson having locked down the starting spot at free safety this spring, Colvin would have to beat out Javon Harris, who started last season, at strong safety. Harris struggled at times last season, but Stoops praised him during the spring. At cornerback, senior Lamar Harris started the Red-White spring game (opposite entrenched Demontre Hurst) and showed promise, but there's a reason he hasn't sniffed the field during his career. Colvin would bring experience and stability to the cornerback position and gives the Sooners a talented back-four.

- Dane Beavers