Grading my fearless predictions: Midseason

Before the season began, I unleashed 10 fearless predictions. At the season's halfway point, it's time to check up on them.

1. Texas will finish in the Big 12's top three in rushing offense. Texas has 860 yards so far this season, which is sixth in the conference and 240 yards behind third-place Texas A&M. Grade: C-

2. Missouri will win 10 games for the fourth time in five years. The Tigers (2-3) have already lost three games, so in order to win 10 games, they'll have to win out and win their bowl game, with Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Baylor still on the schedule. Grade: D

3. Entering the season's final two weeks, Baylor will still be alive in the Big 12 title race. The Bears lost at Kansas State, but the Wildcats look pretty underrated this year and Baylor faces a defining game this weekend at Texas A&M. Baylor is at least ranked. Grade: B-

4. The Big 12 will have three players invited to the Heisman ceremony. They're different players than I thought, but Landry Jones, Robert Griffin III and Brandon Weeden are all still in the mix. Grade: A-

5. Iowa State will beat Iowa in Ames and start the season 3-0. OK, I didn't have the guts to pick Iowa State to beat Iowa once the game week arrived, but this was probably still one of my best predictions. I'll stay away from the A+ as punishment. Grade: A

6. Texas A&M will beat Texas by at least 14. And lose to Oklahoma by at least 21. So, wait, you're telling me Oklahoma might be 35 points better than Texas? No way, man. No way. WAY. It's early, but this is looking very possible. Grade: A

7. Texas Tech will beat a team in the top 10. The Red Raiders were eliminated from the nation's undefeated teams last weekend, but they're still looking capable of taking down a big team. Grade: B

8. Bryce Brown will not lead Kansas State in rushing. Arthur Brown will lead Kansas State in tackles. Bryce Brown isn't on the team right now and has 16 yards on three carries this season. Brown's 38 tackles are 10 more than anyone on the team. Grade: A+

9. Kansas will have a winning record ... for a while. The Jayhawks, who never surpassed .500 last year, started the season 2-0 before rough losses to Georgia Tech, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Anyone want to point to the conference game Kansas wins this year? Grade: A

10. Oklahoma will not lead the Big 12 in total offense. Oklahoma hasn't struggled running the ball as much as I thought it would, but the Sooners are still far behind Baylor and Oklahoma State so far this year. Baylor averages 28 more yards a game and OSU is averaging 43 more yards per game. Grade: A

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