Trotter's Mailbag: Ronnell Lewis' future

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Jeff from Tulsa writes: Do you think Ronnell Lewis will go pro after this season? Mel Kiper is giving him a lot of praise. Thanks.

Jake Trotter: I was discussing this very thing a few days ago with somebody inside the OU program, who noted Lewis has been telling his inner circle that he wants to come back. I’m a little skeptical, though. Lewis seems to love football a lot more than school, and if he ends up being projected as a first-rounder – which is where Kiper has him now – I see him bolting.

Steve from El Reno, Okla., writes: I have seen very little of Blake Bell, but I really like the fact that he seems to be much more mobile than either Landry Jones or Drew Allen. Any chance Bell could jump to the No. 2 backup?

Manny Flores/Icon SMI

Oklahoma defensive end Ronnell Lewis is rated by ESPN's Mel Kiper as the top 3-4 outside linebacker for the 2012 NFL draft.

Jake Trotter: Steve, Bell has almost no chance to be the No. 2 quarterback this season. Barring something dramatic, that job will remain with Allen, who is further along than Bell and has an extra year of experience in the program. That said, Bell has a ton of potential and will have a decent chance of winning the starting job in 2012 if Landry jumps to the NFL.

Jesse from Amarillo, Texas, writes: Mr. Trotter, just how good is Tony Jefferson? What did you think about his bet with Kevin Durant, where Durant had to follow Jefferson on Twitter if OU beat Texas?

Jake Trotter: I thought the bet was great, and all in good fun. Tony has some gumption to call out an NBA superstar on Twitter. I joked with him this week that it might land him some courtside tickets down the line. How good is Jefferson? I’m not so sure he isn’t OU’s best player on defense. It’s either him or Frank Alexander or Demontre Hurst or Jamell Fleming or …

Charles from Atlanta writes: Why hasn't Bob Stoops done something about the special teams yet? I mean, it's been terrible for quite some time now.

Jake Trotter: Charles, I agree, a special teams coach could make a difference. Joe DeForest has made a significant impact as the special teams coordinator at Oklahoma State, which year in and year out fields top-notch special teams. A disconcerting stat was uncovered this week: Since 2008, OU has given up more touchdowns per kickoff than any program in the country. Combine that with the fact that the Sooners haven’t had a kickoff return touchdown of their own since 2007, and it’s a troubling trend. But don’t hold your breath waiting for drastic changes – Stoops has said repeatedly he won’t be bringing in a special teams specialist.

Joshua from Houston writes: Out of wide receiver Dorial Green-Beckham, defensive end Mario Edwards and outside linebacker Brian Nance, which one are we most likely to get, and which do we need the most?

Jake Trotter: I believe Nance is the most likely to sign with the Sooners, but you have to like what has been coming from Edwards lately, too. Any of the three would be a huge singing, and would have the ability to contribute immediately. The Sooners are in tremendous shape at wideout with Durron Neal, Sterling Shepard and Trey Metoyer all committed, so Nance or Edwards would fill a bigger need.