Bob Stoops weighs in on Big 12-SEC bowl

Last month, the Big 12 Conference and SEC announced plans for a bowl game between the champions of each conference.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops likes the idea.

“I think it’s awesome, it’s great,” Stoops said. “Anytime you pit great teams against each other everyone wants to watch it.”

Beginning in 2014, the conference champions will only play each other if they aren’t among the top four teams in the nation, who are expected to participate in a college football playoff. If either conference champion is among the top four, the next best team will take their place.

The Big 12 and SEC have each had a team among the top four teams for the 11 of the past 14 seasons since the BCS was created in 1998.

The name and site of the Big 12-SEC bowl game have not been announced.