Bob Stoops: Fewer night games for Sooners

Bob Stoops has voiced his concern over the number of night games the Sooners have been scheduled to play in recent years. Last year, eight of OU’s 12 regular-season games were night games. The Sooners have already been slapped with two night games this season, including an 9:30 p.m. kickoff at UTEP.

“Everybody wanted to listen, and hear you – but they don’t much care,” Stoops said. “So, it’s just how it’s going to be, I guess. Hopefully TV networks will work with (athletic director) Joe Castiglione and I on opportunities when we could play in the afternoon if we’ve had a number of night games. If things are pretty even for (TV), give us that slot for a change instead of always being the late one.”

The Sooners had such an opportunity with the opener. The option was on the table to play the game at 1:30 p.m. But Stoops and UTEP coach Mike Price thought the El Paso heat would be too much on the players.

“We had a little opportunity to go earlier in the first one, but El Paso at 1:30 in the afternoon, a turf field – it will be 30-40 degrees different if we waited to the evening,” Stoops said. “It would have been 130 degrees on that turf. And I just thought with the kids coming off two-a-days, for the kids’ health, both Mike Price and I said, even though we’ll get home late, let’s play late if we can.”