Roundtable: Roy Finch's touches in 2012

Every Thursday during the season, the SoonerNation staff will answer a roundtable question about OU football. Leave a comment or talk about it in our "There's Only One" forum.

Today's question: How many touches will Roy Finch end up with this season?

• Roy Finch has been in the doghouse before. And yet, he seems to always emerge to boost the offense late in the season. I still think Finch makes an impact, and ends up with somewhere around 85 touches, which is still far less than his 145 last season. Finch's role is marginalized because he's now in the slot. But he'll find his way on the field again at some point and get at least enough touches to spark the offense.

- Jake Trotter

• Roy Finch is a special talent, a dynamic player with big play ability. Yet, I don't expect him to get more than 90 touches (more than 7 per game) this season and a large portion of those touches could come in blowout victories. OU's talent in the backfield, especially with the emergence of Damien Williams, and young talent at receiver will make it harder for Finch to find the field. If this was the NFL, where there's plenty of time to create and practice a package solely to take advantage of Finch's ability, the junior might be more involved. That just isn't the scenario in Norman.

- Brandon Chatmon

• As electrifying as Roy Finch has been when he has his hands on the ball, he simply hasn't been that all-around player the OU coaches are hoping for. It doesn't matter that he seems to be a fan favorite, especially with those spin moves. Unless injuries start to creep in at running back or freshmen receivers like Sterling Shepard and/or Durron Neal cannot grasp the offense, Finch isn't going to get many touches. I'm going to go with less than 50 for the season. If Trey Millard cannot touch it all that often and does everything right during the game and in practice, it doesn't look too good for Finch.

- Bob Przybylo