Roundtable: Helping Landry Jones

Every Thursday during the season, the SoonerNation staff will answer a roundtable question about OU football. Leave a comment or talk about it in our "There's Only One" forum.

Today's question: What should Oklahoma do more of on offense to help Landry Jones?

• Instead of relying exclusively on a passing progression, the Sooners should try more screens and quick hitches. I'm not sure why OU has gotten away from them this season, but they have been good plays for the program in the past. Completing short passes should help Jones recapture some of his confidence.

-- Jake Trotter

• The Sooners need to give Jones more freedom at the line of scrimmage. Giving him more control over the offense and allowing him to adjust the play will help boost his confidence and show him the coaches trust him to get the offense in the right plays to be successful. It also would put the defense on its heels and create potential confusion and mismatches for OU's skill players to take advantage of. The biggest problem for Jones is confidence, not physical ability. If the Sooners coaching staff shows confidence in the fifth-year senior, it could help erase any self-doubts.

-- Brandon Chatmon

• It's sad that a question like this has to be asked of a player with as much experience as Landry Jones. But it's clear through the first three games that the offense is not clicking on all cylinders. OU should trust the run game more. It's not like the Sooners haven't had success on the ground with Damien Williams, Dominique Whaley or even Brennan Clay and Roy Finch in their limited touches, so give them more chances. And don't get discouraged if the run game isn't producing dynamic results; keep chipping away and things will happen. Jones can and does make big-time plays, but he shouldn't have to be asked to do it every time OU needs something to happen.

-- Bob Przybylo