Roundtable: Most disappointing Sooner

Every Thursday during the season, the SoonerNation staff will answer a roundtable question about OU football. Leave a comment or talk about it in our "There's Only One" forum.

Today's question: Who has been OU's most disappointing player so far this season?

Landry Jones is not playing like a fifth-year senior quarterback or top NFL prospect. The Oklahoma quarterback is struggling early this season and has admitted he's been trying to do too much at times. He's completed just 44 percent of his passes on third down this season and has thrown just six touchdown passes in seven games since Ryan Broyles was injured late in 2011. After a subpar finish to his season in 2011, it's easy to assume his confidence is shaken. OU needs to do everything it can to help him regain his confidence and get him to get back to maximizing his talent while limiting his mistakes. If he can, the Sooners can insert themselves right back into the Big 12 race.

-- Jake Trotter

• Oklahoma's offense depends on the quarterback. And so far, Landry Jones has not gotten the job done. Across the board, the Sooners have as good or better than they thought they would be offensively. The line hasn't been great, but it hasn't been bad either. Damien Williams has been quite the find at running back. And the receivers have been OK, especially Kenny Stills. But Jones has not played as well as he's capable of playing, and that was a major reason for the loss to Kansas State. If Jones elevates his game, so will the offense. If he doesn't, it could be a long season for the Sooners.

-- Brandon Chatmon

• Maybe it was the hype and expectations. From the media, from his teammates, from the coaches, but Trey Metoyer hasn't been the difference maker we all thought he would be. It goes beyond the 10 catches for 90 yards in three games. He has looked lost out there at times, not being able to break free from defenders while also being pushed toward the sidelines too often. It's clear the chemistry is not there yet with Landry Jones, but it's still early. It is only one-fourth of the way through the season so it will be interesting to see what adjustments Metoyer makes in the upcoming weeks, starting Saturday at Texas Tech.

-- Bob Przybylo