Q&A: 2014 ATH Cedric Dale on the RRR

Last week it looked like 2014 athlete Cedric Dale (Keller, Texas/Timber Creek) was going to spend his Saturday in Lubbock, Texas, for Texas Tech-West Virginia. But toward the latter part of the week his destination switched to Dallas for Oklahoma-Texas.

Dale was blown away. A frequent visitor to OU in the last six months, Dale has become familiar with the Sooners and is hopeful of making another trip before the season is over.

Unfortunately for Dale, his junior season is over. He suffered a broken radius a couple of weeks ago and will not play again. In limited time, Dale rushed for 518 yards on 49 carries with seven touchdowns.

Dale, who is 5-foot-8 and 169 pounds, is on the ESPN Watch List and has an offer from Texas Tech.

SoonerNation: It was your first Red River Rivalry experience. How did everything go last weekend?

Cedric Dale: I have never seen anything like that. It was real cool to see OU blow out Texas. The Texas side of the fans weren’t even sitting down in the stands in the second half. They were all gone.

SN: You’ve grown up knowing about OU and have visited the campus a couple of times. But how different was it being in the Cotton Bowl instead of Norman?

Dale: I had heard about the rivalry, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal until I actually got down there. I got to see the energy. It is way up there, right up there with Texas A&M and the 12th man. It was a lot of fun.

SN: What did you learn from seeing the game from the sidelines?

Dale: The Cotton Bowl has such a great history. Thinking I could actually be a part of that with OU really excites me. I can see myself helping the Sooners on either side of the ball.

SN: What impressed you about what OU did to Texas on Saturday?

Dale: Right from the start they set the tone. They got the ball and scored with eight minutes left in the first quarter. They beat them in every way possible.

SN: You were off to such a great start to your season, how disappointing is it to have to sit out the rest of the year?

Dale: It’s disappointing, but it’s going to heal, and I’ll be fine. I broke free and somebody tripped me up. I was trying to break my fall and my radius snapped in half. But because of that, I am trying to see as many schools as possible for unofficial visits.

SN: What schools are you looking to see in person?

Dale: I want to see USC and LSU. I’m originally from Los Angeles so I have a lot of family there. I also want to see Texas A&M because of its energetic atmosphere and Oklahoma State because the Cowboys have shown a lot of interest.