Scouting Baylor: Williams a big threat

Baylor will arrive at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium with some momentum after a 41-14 win over Kansas last weekend. When the Sooners and Bears battle at 2:30 p.m. CT Saturday, OU will have to worry about Nick Florence, the Big 12’s leader in total offense who has stepped in after Robert Griffin III to provide a quality run-pass threat. But Florence is not the lone Bear who could cause concern this weekend.

SoonerNation watched Baylor’s win over Kansas and came away with three other key factors that could impact Saturday’s game.

Slowing Terrance Williams

The Bears receiver is a nightmare for opponents. At 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, he brings terrific size and speed to Baylor’s offensive attack. He has 71 receptions for 1,340 yards and 10 touchdowns this season.

Baylor likes to get him into one-on-one situations along the sidelines and allow him to use his size and excellent ball skills to make a play against undersized cornerbacks. Yet he also has a good feel for getting open in the middle of the field as a slot receiver. Williams will be a test unlike any the Sooners have seen this season.

OU cornerbacks Aaron Colvin and Demontre Hurst will have their hands full. If they end up in one-on-one situations with Williams and the ball is in the air, they will have to be extremely physical and force him to make an exceptional play to make the catch. When he’s in the slot, nickelbacks Gabe Lynn and Julian Wilson provide better matchups but will have to be physical and reroute him as he attempts to create open space in the middle of the field.

Keep an eye on ... Lache Seastrunk

A dynamic open-field runner, Seastrunk can put fear in the hearts of defenders with his speed and ability to quickly change direction.

Against KU, the Bears showed how they try to take advantage of Seastrunk’s speed. BU spread the field with four receivers, forcing both Jayhawks safeties to account for their receivers on the perimeter. Then Seastrunk, after a play action fake, ran a streak right up the seam. His speed, one-on-one with a linebacker, was no contest, resulting in a 68-yard touchdown reception.

The Sooners will need to limit the times Seastrunk is in one-on-one situations with any OU defender in a coverage situation. His speed and athleticism gives him an advantage against most defenders. OU’s best bet will be to get pressure on Florence, forcing him to hurry throws or make poor decisions.

Plenty of opportunities for OU’s offense

There’s no reason the Sooners cannot have success against Baylor similar to what they had against Iowa State last weekend. OU will have advantages in several matchups, particularly against the Bears secondary.

The Jayhawks had receivers open for big plays on multiple occasions, yet just couldn’t take advantage. And none of those KU receivers are as good as Kenny Stills, Justin Brown, Jalen Saunders or Sterling Shepard.

Bears safety Ahmad Dixon is the main concern for OU’s offense. He can make plays from sideline to sideline and is solid in the open field against receivers and running backs. OU quarterback Landry Jones will need to be aware of Dixon at all times Saturday.

Nonetheless, the Sooners' offensive success this weekend will fall on their own shoulders. If they play well, they should light up the scoreboard.