Q&A: 2014 Texas DE Anthony Villalobos

Defensive end hasn’t been a problem for Oklahoma’s 2013 class. The Sooners already have commitments from two ESPN 300 prospects at the spot. And with the way OU defensive ends coach Bobby Jack Wright has attacked the recruiting trail, it doesn’t look like 2014 is going to be too much of a hassle, either.

Already with offers out to several ESPN Watch List members, Wright is in constant contact with the premier talents at the spot as well as some other prospects.

One of those other prospects is Anthony Villalobos (Keller, Texas/Fossil Ridge). He is 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds and is hearing from TCU, Rice, Indiana and Arizona, among others.

But last week was about the Sooners and Villalobos taking in his first OU home game in person. Villalobos visited the OU campus in the summer for a National Underclassmen Combine event but no contact was allowed with coaches during that two-day event.

SoonerNation: You were able to attend OU’s win against Baylor. What was that experience like for you?

Anthony Villalobos: It was surreal. I think that’s the only word I can come up with when describing it. I was expecting it to be big but not that big. It looks big on TV, but seeing it in person, it was mind-blowing.

SN: When did the interest between you and the Sooners start?

Villalobos: It sort of started during this season. I had been getting a bunch of letters from them so I sent out my highlight tape for them to watch. I’ve been talking to Coach Wright the entire time.

SN: The team didn’t fare as well as you would have liked, but how was your junior season for you personally?

Villalobos: We didn’t make the playoffs so that was disappointing. I wish I was practicing right now. But I did pretty good. I had 11 sacks this season. I improved a lot with my pass rush. When I was a sophomore, I was OK at it. I’m a lot better now.

SN: What do you attribute to your improvement in that area?

Villalobos: I went to so many camps during the summer and coaches kept telling me that’s what I needed to work on. I went to camps at Rice, Baylor, TCU and went to a National Underclassmen Combine event [at OU].

SN: It’s so early in the process for you, but do you have a list of favorites?

Villalobos: I liked OU, TCU and LSU. I’m hoping to go to LSU here in a couple of weeks. With OU, OU is a big name with great tradition. They’re always good no matter what. Even when it looks like a bad season, they’re still pretty good.

SN: For those that haven’t seen you play, what would you say is your biggest strength as a player?

Villalobos: I’m great against the run. I think my run defense is something I’m really good at doing. With my size, I can handle myself against some of the bigger tackles out there. I feel very confident in my abilities.