Q&A: Hansen watches coaching moves

It wasn’t going to be easy for ESPN Watch List quarterback Justice Hansen (Edmond, Okla./Santa Fe) to top his 2011 season in 2012. But he did.

Hansen, who has offers from Missouri and Arkansas, threw for 2,558 yards with 25 touchdowns and rushed 529 yards and eight scores as a sophomore. As a junior? Hansen was 185-of-318 for 3,079 yards with 36 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He rushed for 773 yards and 14 scores in leading Edmond Santa Fe to the state quarterfinals.

Now the recruiting game will start back up for Hansen, expected to be on the wish list for many top schools, including Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Florida State, among several others.

SoonerNation: Another fantastic season in the books, what did you learn about yourself this season?

Justice Hansen: There are a lot of things I need to work on. I need to develop more as a leader and focus on the little things. When things go bad, I need to be there and be able to know what to do to fix them.

SN: What was the biggest improvement for you this season compared to last year?

Hansen: I saw things on the field a lot better. I recognized defenses more, and it made the games a lot easier. I was able to put up bigger numbers, obviously, because I was more comfortable doing everything.

SN: What’s the offseason like for a Watch List quarterback?

Hansen: Right now I’m just looking at all these coaches jumping around. I’m getting out of basketball practice and hearing stuff about coaches at Florida State and Missouri and Arkansas. Stuff is changing every day.

SN: Does that make OU a more appealing option because you know OU coaches Josh Heupel and Bob Stoops aren’t going anywhere?

Hansen: It does in a way help them. There is stability. However, those other schools have excitement to them, too. I want to see what happens at the other schools and see what coaches are brought in. It’s good and bad.

SN: Coach Heupel has been talking to you since your freshman season. Is he still the coach you are talking to the most?

Hansen: At this point, yes. I try to talk to him at least once a week or once every two weeks depending on how busy everything is. We talked early last week and that was a good conversation.

SN: What needs to change in your game as a senior to help you and Edmond Santa Fe make that next step?

Hansen: My footwork, consistency and protecting the ball. Those are things I’m really going to be focusing on during the winter and spring.

SN: What unofficial visits were you able to take this season?

Hansen: Not many. I saw OU three times, against Kansas, Notre Dame and Bedlam. And I went to OSU for the first time in a long time against Iowa State, and Florida State early in the season for the Clemson game. We’ll see what happens in the future when it comes to offers and stuff like that.

SN: You look a little bigger since the last time we saw you. What would you say is your height and weight?

Hansen: That’s funny because I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. People have been saying I can’t keep saying I’m 6-foot-3. I’m 6-4, 205 right now. I’m very comfortable with my size and how everything is going.