Q&A: Coach of commit Christian Daimler

Offensive tackle has been one of the strangest positions to follow on the recruiting trail for Oklahoma’s 2013 class.

The Sooners had two tackle commits entering the regular season but entered last week without one commit at the position.

That all changed in one night when OU picked up the commitment of ESPN JC 100 prospect Josiah St. John (Athens, Texas/Trinity Valley).

Minutes later the Sooners had No. 2 in three-star tackle Christian Daimler (Houston/Stratford). Originally an Arizona State commit, Daimler flipped to OU in a move he had been hoping to make for quite some time.

SoonerNation caught up with Houston Stratford coach Eliot Allen to talk about OU’s latest commitment:

SoonerNation: OK, coach, why should Oklahoma fans be so excited Daimler has committed to the program?

Eliot Allen: He has a ton of potential. He grew up late and caught up to his body really late in the game. He matured so much this season as a senior. He has great athleticism and work ethic and likes to finish blocks.

SN: What would you say is his biggest strength as a player?

Allen: His length. He can pass protect with those long arms. But he likes to run block even more. He’s somebody who really likes to get physical.

SN: You mentioned Christian growing into his body. What exactly do you mean by that?

Allen: He’s a legit 6-foot-7, and it happened in a rather short period of time. His weight needed to catch up to his height. He has always been a relatively tall guy, but he grew at least another inch or two after his junior season. He was around 6-0 as a freshman.

SN: How is Christian going to fit in with the Sooners?

Allen: I think he’s going to fit in great at OU. He’s a good-hearted guy. He’s a kind person, and he has developed a great relationship with the OU coaching staff.

SN: He was committed to Arizona State for all that time but appeared to have his eyes set on OU. Did the process take a toll on him?

Allen: At times, it did. OU was one of his favorites from the very beginning and showed early interest. But he really liked ASU, too. He couldn’t just wait around for OU. But when OU came back around, I knew that was where he wanted to go.

SN: Is there a story about Christian that sort of stands out to you?

Allen: That’s a good question. Not really a story but an attitude. He’s somebody who if he doesn’t do well, he’s not happy. He’s going to want to get back out there. He’s dedicated. I have a couple of OU fans on my staff, and they’re glad Christian is going there. Give them even more of a reason to cheer the Sooners.