Q&A: 2014 Okla. TE MikeQuan Deane

Tulsa (Okla.) Memorial made the state playoffs for the first time in 23 years in 2012. And with the talent coming back, the school is hoping it won’t be a one-shot deal.

It can be optimistic as 2015 cornerback Markale Moses is already getting looks from colleges, and Oklahoma has recently taken notice of 2014 tight end prospect MikeQuan Deane.

Deane, who is 6-foot-4 and 220 pounds, was invited to OU’s first junior day this weekend but it was postponed. It's unclear when the Sooners will reschedule it.

SoonerNation: You weren’t a name many people were talking about toward the end of 2012. When did the OU interest first start?

MikeQuan Deane: I’ve been talking to them for about a month now. I’m going to head down there later this month for junior day. I’m really excited. (Note: Deane was interviewed before OU postponed its junior day.)

SN: Will this be your first trip to OU, or have you been there before?

Deane: It will actually be my first trip, believe it or not. I’ve wanted to make my way down there before, but it has just never happened.

SN: I assume it’s OU tight ends coach Bruce Kittle who has been your primary contact?

Deane: Yes, Coach Kittle has been the guy I’ve been talking with. He’s a great guy. He’s a very modest guy, which is something I really like. He has been telling me a lot of great things. I just want to see it for myself in person.

SN: OU is looking at you as a tight end, but what position do you play for Memorial?

Deane: I played tight end this year, but I think next year I’m going to play more defensive end. We had so many guys this last season that I couldn’t really find a spot on the defensive line.

SN: Do you have a preference to offense or defense?

Deane: It’s not a big deal to me. I love playing both. But something different happens when I’m playing defense. When I’m on defense, I turn into an animal. On offense, you have to contain that intensity. You’re free to go wild on defense.

SN: How special was this last season for you guys?

Deane: It was very exciting this year. It’s great knowing we were that team to get us back to the playoffs. It should give us a lot more confidence moving forward, knowing it can be done. We have good team coming back, too. Everybody was coming to the games. It was a great feeling.

SN: What was the biggest difference for you personally this season?

Deane: In the beginning of this season, everything just started clicking for me. I’ve always been a football player, but I felt more comfortable. I was just faster and stronger.

SN: You’ve got OU’s junior day coming up. Anything after that?

Deane: I don’t know. Nothing right now. I’m hearing from TU [Tulsa] and Colorado State. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Even though I’m playing basketball, I’m trying to stay in football shape. It’s a fun time right now.