Q&A: Coach of OU commit Stanvon Taylor

ESPN 300 athlete Stanvon Taylor (Tulsa, Okla./East Central) was determined to make his senior season something to remember.

Taylor broke his ankle during the first game of his junior season, sidelining him for the rest of the year. A healthy Taylor got to showcase just exactly what he can do and why Oklahoma fans should be so excited he is coming to campus.

Taylor’s numbers: 67 catches for 1,107 yards and 15 touchdowns. He rushed for 301 yards and two scores. He threw for 134 yards and two more scores.

Oh yeah, but he’s being recruited as a cornerback. Not many balls went his direction, but he finished with 34 tackles and four interceptions.

Through it all, first-year coach Bobby Klinck had a front row seat to watch Taylor do what he does best, as East Central made it to the Oklahoma Class 5A state championship game.

SoonerNation: You had never coached Stanvon before this season, what did you know about him? What did you learn from your year with Stanvon?

Klinck: Hearing about him before I was there, I knew he would be a great athlete. And he is. But what surprised me the most is his maturity and his willingness to do whatever it takes to help the program out. He was buying in to what I was selling.

SN: How important do you think it was that you had the support of Stanvon in getting other players to buy in?

Klinck: It was huge. We couldn’t have had the success we had if that didn’t happen. He could have very easily cashed in his senior year because he knew where his future was. But he worked so hard over the summer and never stopped.

SN: Looking at his numbers, how hard was it to not overuse him this season?

Klinck: I don’t think he ever came off the field. He had a couple of really huge games. And once you do that, other teams start keying in on you more. But he didn’t care. He never got upset about not getting enough touches. All he cares about is winning.

SN: Is there a play or game that stands out the most?

Klinck: We were playing Booker T., our rival, and we called a reverse. Somehow we screwed it up and fumbled. Stanvon picks it up in mid-stride and nearly scores on a busted play. I thought it was going to be a disaster. After that play, looked over at our offensive coordinator and all I could do was smile.

SN: We know what a talent Taylor is on the field, but what sets him apart off the field?

Klinck: Like I said, it’s his maturity and he knows what it takes to accomplish his goals. Some kids want it but don’t know what it takes. He understands the hard work, the discipline it takes to attain his goals. It makes perfect sense why OU wants him. He’s pumped about going to OU, but OU is probably just as excited Stanvon is going there. He’s going to make an impact.