Trotter's Mailbag: Broyles' draft prospects

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Jack in Sedalia, Mo., writes: Ryan Broyles was one of the best players in OU history. Where do you think he will be drafted in the NFL and what round?

Jake Trotter: It’s too early to speculate where he might get picked, but what about the St. Louis Rams? Sam Bradford needs receivers, and the Rams like to utilize the slot. I see Broyles being a second day pick, somewhere in the third round.

Randy Jordan in Manila, Philippines, writes: With the year most likely turning out to not end in a national championship game, do you think Landry Jones will stay for another year? Are his chances of going high in the draft still good?

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Where will Ryan Broyles go in the 2012 NFL draft?

Jake Trotter: Randy, I think you’re underrating OU’s chances of sneaking into the national title game. If the Sooners win out, I think they get in. But if OU doesn’t win it all, I can see Jones coming back, especially considering his situation with fiancĂ© and OU women’s basketball star Whitney Hand. Jones’ stock has slipped a bit this year, but he’d still probably be a first round pick. By coming back, he could play his way into be a high first round in 2013.

Michael Schultz in Frankfurt, Germany, writes: The Huskers and Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl? That would be a great game, and definitely would pull in the fans from both sides.

Jake Trotter: The Fiesta Bowl is very aware of OU fans having fatigue with another trip to Phoenix, where the Sooners have been three of the last five years. But the Fiesta also believes it can get a matchup that would excite the OU fan base. That’s why it’s looking very hard at Nebraska.

Michael Henson in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., writes: What is your opinion of the Big 12 adding Central and South Florida? They are in metropolitan areas, in great recruiting areas, have large student populations and are great big donor travel destinations.

Jake Trotter: All great points, Michael, but you’re leaving out one major negative: proximity. That would be a killer for Olympic sports. If anyone else gets added to the Big 12, I believe it will be Louisville first.

Bob Przybylo/ESPN.com

Oklahoma has cooled off on linebacker Brian Nance.

Charles McDonald in Dallas writes: Do you think the fact that Brent Venables hasn't been in touch with Brian Nance in quite awhile is contributed to either Oklahoma not wanting to cater to his entitled ego? Or more likely that they've seen something in someone else they like more and they're silently okay with him going to Baylor or USC instead?

Jake Trotter: I called in OU recruiting expert Bob Przybylo to give you a more thorough answer to this question. Here’s what he said:

It's a good question because OU still doesn't have a verbal commit at linebacker. After talking to Brian Nance several times in the last two months, I don't believe it has anything to do with an entitled ego. He's been very open and honest about his situation and has actually stay level-headed through everything. The red flag on Nance, if there is one, is academically. I'm not sure if OU is willing to take a shot on someone who might not qualify academically. Nance has said he is putting all the time and dedication into his grades this year, but I cannot say that I know how he has done so far as a senior. I do agree Venables would reach out if it was a No. 1 priority. If he didn't have the time, he would make the time to stress to the recruit how important he is to OU.

With Nance taking a backseat, a lot of attention is now being geared toward LB Quanzell Lambert (Sicklerville, N.J./Timber Creek). Lambert made his official visit against Texas A&M and his father was very impressed with the atmosphere and campus. Lambert still has to take a visit to Alabama in December, but it sure seems like Lambert is the No. 1 linebacker on OU's board right now.