Przybylo's Mailbag: Don't doubt Everett

Junior college signing day hasn’t meant much to Oklahoma the last couple of seasons, but last week was eventful -- to say the least -- in the junior college ranks for the Sooners. Bob Przybylo answers recruiting questions every week. Have a question? Send it to his mailbag at bprzybyloespn@gmail.com.

Sam in Shawnee, Okla., asks: Help me make sense of the Kass Everett situation. Should I be excited that he switched from Texas Tech to OU?

Bob Przybylo: Yes, yes you should. I understand why somebody might be skeptical about the level of commitment for cornerback Kass Everett (Philadelphia/Pierce College). From an outsider’s view, he looks like nothing but a flip-flopper.

In talking and getting to know Everett the last month, this decision almost meant too much to him, if that makes sense. He over-thought it and overanalyzed everything that came with it. Had he trusted his instincts, nobody would have said anything Wednesday about a controversy because he would have announced OU was his destination at the press conference.

We know that didn’t happen, but it says a lot that he was able to admit he was wrong in that moment. Like he told me late last week, he wanted to make sure he wasn’t stepping into the biggest mistake of his life.

Give a lot of credit to defensive backs coach Willie Martinez and Bob Stoops for not throwing in the towel after the announcement, either. They reached out to Everett and reiterated once again why the Sooners were a natural fit.

One thing that is for sure is Everett will definitely have some pressure at OU. He is going to be known as that guy that switched from Tech at the last minute so fans will be wondering if he was worth the trouble. He is ready for his shot. Now it’s up to him to make the most of it.