Rob Boyd gets truth from OU, no offer

Offensive guard Rob Boyd (Vian, Okla./Vian) was saying all the right things leading up to Oklahoma’s junior day on Saturday.

It was a big opportunity for a recruit from a small town in Oklahoma to get a chance like this. He knew that, but he was trying to not put too much pressure on the visit.

Boyd tried to act like getting an OU offer wasn’t in the front of his mind. But when he didn’t get the elusive offer from the Sooners, the reality started to set in for Boyd, and he let it be known how much he was hoping to get that look from OU.

“It was disappointing, for sure, but there’s nothing I can do about it,” Boyd said. “That’s what they were telling me -- to not worry about anything you can’t control.”

It’s not that Boyd isn't talented enough for OU. At 6-foot-4 and 285 pounds, Boyd is considered the top in-state lineman prospect and one of the top five in-state recruits for the class of 2013.

OU’s focus on the line for 2013, though, isn’t at offensive guard. The Sooners haven’t made an offer to an offensive guard prospect yet.

For the Sooners, the 2013 class is about the offensive tackle spot as OU has not been shy about offering tackles. OU offensive line coach James Patton told that to Boyd on Saturday.

“It made me realize how great of a guy Coach Patton is,” Boyd said. “I appreciated his honesty so much. He’s the type of guy that if I was on the other team, he would come across the sidelines and shake my hand.”

Boyd said Patton told him not to hesitate to ask if there was anything the coach could help him with. Patton told Boyd that this is just the beginning for the recruit as more offers are likely to come his way.

Boyd has offers from Tulsa, Memphis and Navy. He had invites to junior days at Nebraska and Arkansas on Saturday but chose to attend OU instead.

He has been saying the last couple of weeks that it all comes down to the perfect fit. Right now it looks like that fit is at Tulsa. He entered the weekend without a real favorite between the Sooners and Golden Hurricane. But he left OU saying Tulsa is his No. 1 choice right now.

“I’m leaning toward Tulsa,” Boyd said. “They’ve wanted me for so long. They’re my favorite right now. I’m not thinking about committing right now, but they’re my favorite.”

Boyd said he enjoyed his visit to OU, especially getting to talk with offensive guard Gabe Ikard. And if something changes, an offer could come his way. However, Boyd knows he must move on and concentrate on what he can control.

“I felt real at home at Tulsa, and I loved the family environment there,” he said. “My mother really enjoyed her time there. But I’m going to take my time.”