Johnson: 'Smooth transition' to left tackle

Lane Johnson has returned to a familiar position. No, he’s not going to be taking snaps from center at 6-foot-6, 296 pounds.

Johnson, a former junior college quarterback, has slid back to the left tackle position after spending the 2011 season as Oklahoma’s starting right tackle.

“It’s been a smooth transition,” Johnson said. “Last spring I started at left tackle behind Donald [Stephenson] and had a pretty good spring. Going into two-a-days, I thought I was going to be the backup left tackle (and) when Daryl [Williams] got hurt I had to fill in and I finished out the rest of the year. So it’s a smooth transition.”

Johnson has played several positions including quarterback, defensive end and tight end before finally settling at tackle. He’s generally regarded as one of the best athletes on the team, regardless of size.

Guard Gabe Ikard doesn’t expect any struggles as Johnson moves to what could be considered his “natural” position.

“He’s the most athletic lineman in the country, so I’d say it’s natural,” Ikard said.