Q&A: Derrick Strait on his new job at OU

Derrick Strait is back in Norman. A cornerback on the 2000 national championship team and winner of the 2003 Nagurski and Thorpe awards, Strait has been brought back as a defensive quality control assistant on Bob Stoops’ staff. Strait answered questions about how he landed his new gig:

Jake Trotter: Why did you decide to get back into coaching?

Derrick Strait: Just feeling like I wanted to be around football again. The best way to do that is coaching.

Trotter: Did you call coach (Bob) Stoops about it?

Strait: I called him, and asked him if anything was open, or if he heard anything to let me know.

Trotter: How does it feel now you’re on the staff?

Strait: I’m just happy to be here and ready to get started. Get the ball rolling.

Trotter: How has football changed since you last played?

Strait: It’s a lot of different offenses nowadays than it was back then. Back then it was a lot of power and running, it wasn’t spread out. You have to have guys that can get out there and make plays.

Trotter: Have you gotten to hang out with any of the players?

Strait: Yeah, I'm around them, talk to them in practices, or when they come watch film and stuff. I do what I can, right now anyways.

Trotter: What’s it like to be watching instead of playing?

Strait: Yeah. It’s hard to watch, just looking, not being a part of it. At the same time, it’s exciting to be around football again in general.

Trotter: How is it going with Mike Stoops?

Strait: It’s exciting. It’s pretty much nothing has changed. He’s still the same guy. Mike wants the best out of you, and expects you to go out and do your job. Seeing him get after guys in the meeting room, out there on the field. Everything is the same.