Kish already notices difference in defense

When Brent Venables decided to leave Oklahoma to run Clemson’s defense, Tim Kish seemed like a natural fit to replace him as the Sooners' linebackers coach. Kish had just spent the last eight seasons at Arizona alongside Mike Stoops, who took over as OU’s defensive coordinator in January.

“Linebackers and secondary guys are always connected, there’s nothing you can do without being on the same page,” Stoops said. “Everything we do is tied together.”

While he’s only been at OU for a couple of months, Kish already has noticed a difference in the type of player he will be coaching in Norman.

“Physically this is a more athletic group than what I was accustomed to out there [at Arizona],” Kish said. “I like the focus, they have a real passion to want to learn and they take that out onto the field with them.”

While OU’s linebackers are a relatively inexperienced group, it’s a different level of player than he consistently coached at for the Wildcats.

“He’s been around a lot of teams but Oklahoma has a certain player that a lot of schools can’t recruit,” Stoops said.