Triple Option: Lon Kruger's decision

Every weekday morning, a member of the SoonerNation gives his take on three things happening in the Sooner sports world.

1. The beginning of the 2013 recruiting cycle for Oklahoma has been very intriguing. The Sooners continue to branch out nationally and pursue the nation’s best players from coast-to-coast. The result: Two commitments, each from the state of Texas (Keith Ford, Matt Dimon).

This change in recruiting philosophy will take time but it is worth it. Lon Kruger mentioned the Sooners brand recognition as one of the things that intrigued him about the job. And that’s basketball. So while the OU emblem on the shirt will get the coaching staff in the recruits' doors, it still takes time to build the relationships that result in recruiting success. So while it might not pay off in the next year or two, it will pay off long term and continue to pay off because OU has a combination of tradition, atmosphere and success that is difficult to match.

2. Lon Kruger hits the road to recruit with a decision to make. Should he pursue late 2012 prospects who can help next year or focus on prospects that can help change the program in 2013 and beyond? The Sooners should be able to compete in the Big 12 next season, although they’ll have to make a major jump to put themselves in the race for a championship. There are holes on the roster, but will one 2012 late signee really be able to help immediately? The odds are against it, thus it might be best for Kruger to think long term with the remaining scholarships available instead of a simple stop-gap fix.

3. Speaking of Sooners basketball, OU men’s basketball SID Mike Houck tweeted a picture of forward Romero Osby on Tuesday. It’s the middle of spring break and where was Osby at midnight? On the Sooners practice floor, trying to get better. The picture was a pretty simple reminder of an undeniable truth: Everybody talks about how hard they work but some guys work harder than others and you can tell by their performance.

Thus, it’s no surprise Osby was the Sooners' best and most consistent player this season. Now if Kruger can just surround him with more players with that type of commitment, OU will take a step towards becoming the program that Kruger envisions.

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