Chat wrap: Hope for OU tight ends

SoonerNation writer Jake Trotter chatted with readers Monday. Here's the full transcript. If you didn't get your question answered, send it to Jake's mailbag to be published on Friday.

Here are a few highlights from the chat:

Michelle (Dallas): Give us your opinion on the new WR corp.

Jake Trotter: It's an exciting group that has a little bit of everything. Trey Metoyer reminds me of Dez Bryant the way he can go up and get the ball. Durron Neal

has a lot of savvy. Courtney Gardner is an athletic freak. Sterling Shepard

has Ryan Broyles pedigree. Metoyer could have the same first-year impact that Kenny Stills did two seasons ago. The others could factor in to the rotation, too, but we'll see.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Have you witnessed any hope for the TE position during spring ball? Also, was James Hanna underutilized last season? A TE running a 4.5 40 sounds like a matchup problem that could have been exploited more.

Jake Trotter: Yeah, I have hope. Brannon Green

seems to be serviceable, maybe more. But as you point out, TE is not a critical position in a Josh Heupel offense, far less so than a Kevin Wilson offense. James Hanna could be a steal in the draft. He has some measurables you can work with.

Glenn (Chicago): Jake...is the secondary or linebackers going to need more help? It looks like the linebackers are missing a lot of experience.

Jake Trotter: Tom Wort started all of last season and some two seasons ago. Corey Nelson has played a lot the last two years. So I don't know if experience is a worry at LB. Secondary is the bigger concern. There are some holes there that need to be addressed.

Steve (cali): what can you tell us about the DE position from the two scrimmages?

Jake Trotter: R.J. Washington is clearly the best DE on the team. He's been solid. David King has been nicked up but we know what he can do. Chaz Nelson has a lot of speed. He's going to help. Chuka Ndulue has been the best of the young guys.