Gabe Lynn playing well at new position

A change of position did wonders for Keenan Clayton. Could it do the same for Gabe Lynn? The Sooners are hoping so. Lynn, a career cornerback, has been working almost exclusively at safety and nickelback this spring.

Lynn started twice at corner last season, and got torched both times. In a 41-38 loss to Texas Tech, the Sooners eventually benched him, and swung Aaron Colvin from safety to corner.

Clayton went through a similar experience. After whiffing on a tackle from safety against Washington in 2006, resulting in a touchdown, Clayton was benched. He re-emerged two years later at nickelback, and was one of OU’s best defenders for two seasons. So far, the Sooners like what they see from Lynn at his two new positions.

“He's done well with it,” Stoops said. “We've been very pleased with how he's coming along.”