Who will emerge as leader of OU receivers?

Having a player who is willing to take the reins and become a leader for his position group can be invaluable to a coach. Ryan Broyles matured into a leader during his time at Oklahoma and receivers coach Jay Norvell is hoping to see one of his veteran receivers -- Kenny Stills, Jaz Reynolds or Trey Franks -- do the same.

With the final week of spring upon us, no clear leader has emerged.

“We’re at that crossroads now,” Norvell said. “We have guys who are proving themselves on a daily basis that they can be that guy. That’s earned over time, it’s not something where you jump in the seat and you’re that guy.

“We’ll see who that is when fall camp starts.”

It’s critical to have someone fill the leadership role because Norvell can only say so much and expect to continue to be heard.

“As a coach you do as much as you can,” Norvell said. “But it’s special when your teammate says something, you look at it differently.”