Mike Stoops wants a confident secondary

New defensive coordinator Mike Stoops doesn't care if Oklahoma’s defensive backs call themselves the "sharks" or not. But he does care that they play with confidence.

“I just want them to be confident, aggressive players,” Stoops said. “I don’t want to take their confidence away, you never want to do that but you want it to be real confidence and real motivation when you go on the field.”

Cornerback Demontre Hurst said OU’s defensive backs purposely stepped back from calling themselves the sharks this spring after a terrible stretch run during the 2011 season.

“That’s maturity,” Stoops said. “We need guys to understand our fun is going to be out there when we compete and know what the hell we’re doing, are getting after people and covering them... That to me is the celebration and the fun. They have to enjoy what they’re doing.”