Q&A: Kai Callins surprised by OU invite

There was no doubt that class of 2014 athlete Kai Callins (Guthrie, Okla./Guthrie) was hoping to get an invitation to Oklahoma’s spring game, but he never thought it would come. Less than three days before the event, he was told by his coaches that OU wanted him to show up. Better late than never.

Callins is tough to define at this point in terms of what position he will play at the next level. At 5-foot-10 and 175 pounds, a variety of spots suit the sophomore well.

Even if you can’t figure out his position, he can let his play do the talking. On offense in 2011, Callins rushed for 700 yards on 76 attempts and 10 touchdowns, and added 27 receptions for 361 yards and another five touchdowns. On defense, he had four interceptions in helping Guthrie win the Oklahoma Class 5A championship.

Callins talked to SoonerNation about his recent visit to Oklahoma for the Sooners' Red-White spring game:

SoonerNation: How surprised were you by the invite to OU’s spring game?

Kai Callins: I was very surprised. I didn’t expect something like that to happen. I’m just a sophomore and to get an invite to OU is pretty cool.

SN: Was that the first contact you have had with the OU coaching staff?

Callins: It was. I’ve received a couple of letters and things like that, but I had never actually talked to any of the coaches. I did get a letter asking me to be at their camp in June so I’m looking forward to that.

SN: Obviously one of your best traits is your versatility. Did you talk to the coaches about what position you think you should play?

Callins: I’ll play any position where the coach thinks I can play and best help the team. I’ve played running back my whole life. That’s where I’m most comfortable. Coach [Cale] Gundy asked me a couple of questions about things like that. If they want me at receiver or cornerback, it wouldn’t matter to me.

SN: Where would you rank your interest with the Sooners?

Callins: Oh, I’m very interested. I’ve been a Sooners fan my whole life. OU is the only one sending me letters right now so I’m trying to get my name out there as much as possible.

SN: Speaking of which, you were at the NIKE camp a few weeks ago. How did that go for you?

Callins: I did all right. It was kind of hard for me to judge myself because there were so many great athletes from Texas there. And so many of them were 2013 kids. I didn’t know who was in my grade, but I competed.

SN: A camp like that can open your eyes. What did you learn?

Callins: That I have a long way to go. I need to work on my strength, my upper body strength and my speed. My quickness is there, but I have work to do, and I’m going to do it.