Mike Stoops: Gabe Lynn a better fit at safety

Junior Gabe Lynn made the transition from cornerback to the nickelback/safety spot this spring as new defensive coordinator Mike Stoops attempts to match his players' skill sets with their positions in his defensive system.

Lynn is a physical player with good size who is willing to make plays close to the line of scrimmage and in the running game. He was the Sooners’ No. 3 cornerback in 2011 and was solid in spot duty overall but struggled in games against Missouri and Texas Tech.

“Gabe has a good feel for the game,” Stoops said. “I really like what he’s doing at safety [but] I think he’s a more prototypical safety than corner. He’s a big guy who runs well but I think he’s more adapt to play inside than outside.”

Moving Lynn inside gets him in the middle of the action and limits the times he’s on the outside, on an island, in one-on-one situations with receivers.

“He’s more equipped to play inside,” Stoops said. “He’s a better safety and his speed is more appropriate inside and it’s explosive speed. I like the way Gabe plays and competes and I think we have him in a good position.”