Where OU draftees ranked in high school

This weekend won’t resemble Oklahoma’s NFL draft class of 2010, when Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams and Jermaine Gresham all went in the first round.

That said, several Sooners with pro aspirations leave Norman with higher ESPN NFL draft rankings than high school recruiting rankings. Breaking down the OU draft class through that prism:

Frank Alexander

ESPN high school rank: No. 41 DE

Scout grade: 77

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 21 DE

Projected round: 5th-6th

Alexander looked like he might be a bust after a disappointing junior year in which he lost his starting job. But the following season, he won Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year honors. Like Jeremy Beal, Alexander won’t go as high in the draft as his college production would suggest. But with the right fit, he could be a solid NFL player.

Ryan Broyles

ESPN high school rank: No. 58 WR

Scouts grade: 77

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 12 WR

Projected round: 3rd

To think OU didn’t offer Broyles until the final week before signing day. Good thing, too. Broyles became the most prolific receiver in OU history, and broke the FBS record for career receptions. The ACL knee injury he suffered late last season shouldn’t affect his draft stock too much since Broyles proved he’ll be ready for minicamp after impressing during a personal pro day earlier this month.

Jamell Fleming

ESPN high school rank: No. 37 CB

Scouts grade: 77

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 13 CB

Projected round: 2nd-3rd

Fleming wasn’t that highly recruited out of Arlington, Texas. But after three years on the sideline, Fleming finally broke into the lineup as a junior, and led the nation in pass breakups. Fleming was solid again as a senior despite suffering a knee injury midway through the season, then had a remarkable combine performance to solidify himself a day-two pick.

Stephen Good

ESPN high school rank: No. 7 OT

Scout grade: 82 (ESPN 150)

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 55 OT

Projected round: Undrafted

One of OU’s top recruits from the class of 2008, Good never materialized into a full-time starter. He was a workout warrior, but struggled with technique on the field throughout his career. Still, Good can be impressive in the weight room, and a team that thinks it can work with his technique could take a chance on Good by signing him as an undrafted free agent.

James Hanna

ESPN high school rank: No. 11 TE

Scouts grade: 82

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 5 TE

Projected round: 4th-5th

Hanna didn’t become the next Jermaine Gresham some were hoping after he signed with the Sooners. But he did become a two-year starter and a very solid player. His athletic ability could push him all the way into the fourth round.

Jarvis Jones

ESPN high school rank: No. 119 OT

Scout grade: 71

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 34 OT

Projected round: Undrafted

A spot starter for the Sooners after transferring from LSU, Jones never reclaimed his role after suffering a knee injury last spring. Character concerns won’t help his stock, either.

Ronnell Lewis

ESPN high school rank: No. 7 OLB

Scout grade: 82 (ESPN 150)

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 3 OLB

Projected round: 2nd

Despite playing eight-man ball his junior year at Dewar (Okla.) High, Lewis was one of the highest-rated prep outside linebackers in the country because of his freakish physique. As a junior, Lewis had a breakout season at defensive end, but he’s far from a polished product, which is why NFL scouts believe he still has potential to be tapped.

Travis Lewis

ESPN high school rank: No. 86 RB

Scouts grade: 75

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 14 OLB

Projected round: 7th

It’s hard to believe that just two years ago, people were talking about Lewis being a first-round pick. Now, after a mediocre senior season and a disastrous combine showing, Lewis, who became the first defender to lead the Sooners in tackling in four seasons, could very easily wind up going undrafted.

Donald Stephenson

ESPN high school rank: No. 48 OT

Scouts grade: 76

ESPN NFL draft rank: No. 9 OT

Projected round: 4th-5th

Stephenson was often overlooked on the offense, and a couple of times fell out of the starting lineup. But he too was a solid left tackle, and, like Hanna, could go higher than expected because of his measurables.