Signee Q&A: Juco OT Josiah St. John

The Sooners have one big shoe to fill at left tackle, as Lane Johnson was recently picked fourth overall in the 2013 NFL draft. The Sooners signed the No. 1 junior-college offensive tackle in Josiah St. John to help ease the sting.

St. John checked in with SoonerNation earlier this summer to talk about Johnson, his native country and what he wants to accomplish at Oklahoma:

SoonerNation: What jersey number are you wearing?

Josiah St. John: 55. I’ve worn it since high school. It’s the number I’ve been wearing since I’ve played offensive line. Like it, staying with it.

SN: What have the coaches told you about your potential role this fall?

St. John: They’ve told me that I can come in and compete and try to win a job. If not, I’ll be a backup and in the rotation.

SN: Which side of the line?

St. John: I’ve been playing on the left side, but I’m going to try and play both. I feel like I can play.

SN: What will you be working on before you get on campus?

St. John: Strength and stretching, those are two thing I’ve been working on.

SN: What was missing spring football like?

St. John: It felt weird. You try to work out with the same intensity, but it’s kinda weird being on your own, not being involved. I’m ready to be around a team again.

SN: When did you know in your heart OU was the place for you?

St. John: My dad, brother, mom, we were weighing my options. The tradition OU brings, the competition you face every day, the history with offensive tackles, it was a good school for me. I grew up watching teams like Texas and Oklahoma, so to be able to play at Oklahoma and face Texas, that will be crazy.

SN: What player do you look up to on the current OU team?

St. John: I watched a whole lot of Lane Johnson. I watch Jammal Brown, too. Lane has that athleticism, speed. He looks like an athlete playing tackle, that’s exactly what he is. He’s fast, stays on blocks, gets to the second level.

SN: What are you going to major in?

St. John: Right now, marketing. But I’m thinking of switching that.

SN: What’s it like to be believed to be the first Canadian to play football at OU?

St. John: It’s crazy. Knowing that I’m the first Canadian. I got to represent now. I want to give a good impression, so they can go back and get some more Canadians. There’s a lot of good players up there.

SN: Since you’re Canadian, are you a hockey fan, too?

St. John: No, I’m into basketball. A lot of my friends like hockey. I never played, and I can’t skate. When people are talking hockey, I don’t know what they are talking about.

SN: But you’re a Raptors fan, right?

St. John: I am. Right now we’re struggling, so I’ve been a LeBron fan. I’ve been on that bandwagon.

SN: You might want to keep that quiet in Oklahoma City.

St. John: I know, I know. But I’m a LeBron dude.

SN: When you leave OU, what do you want your legacy to be?

St. John: I want to be remembered as a great player. My thing is go hard 100 percent. I want to be one of the great O-linemen, be a great player to come out of Canada, a great role model, great person with kids. That’s what I want people to say when I leave.