Crimson Countdown: T Christian Daimler

During the summer, ESPN.com is taking a closer look at each scholarship player on Oklahoma's roster in our Crimson Countdown series. Each day, we analyze each player's impact on the program since arriving on campus, his potential impact this fall, and his long-term projection. Starting with No. 1 Dominique Alexander, the series follows the roster numerically through No. 98 Chuka Ndulue.

No. 70 Christian Daimler, tackle, 6-foot-7, 300 pounds, redshirt freshman

Impact thus far: Daimler redshirted during his first season on campus.

Impact in 2014: Daimler should play a backup role at tackle for the Sooners with veterans Tyrus Thompson and Daryl Williams manning the position.

Long-term upside: Daimler looks like a guy who can be a contributor for the Sooners but how much he can contribute in his four seasons remains unclear. He saw time at left tackle in the spring game with the Sooners' No. 2 offense, so he could be in line to compete to replace Tyrus Thompson in 2015.

Evaluation grade for Daimler: NA. It's too early to grade Daimler, who hasn't had the chance to play in a game yet. But he is showing early signs that he can be a contributor who develops into a starting-level tackle in the future if his development continues like it should.

Development grade for Daimler: F. Redshirting Daimler was the perfect move. Even though the injury bug hit the Sooners' tackle ranks, to the point they had to shift Bronson Irwin to tackle for the Allstate Sugar Bowl, it was still the right decision to place the redshirt on Daimler, who needed a season in the Sooners strength and conditioning program before he could be considered an option to play.