Top 10 Bedlam moments of Stoops era

Despite last season’s loss, the Bob Stoops era has featured many memorable games and moments against Oklahoma State. SoonerNation ranks the Top 10 Bedlam moments in the Stoops era for the Sooners:

1. Mike asks Les if he wants more

The week of Bedlam in 2003, OSU coach Les Miles said the game would feature “maybe the best team in college football” and “a darn good football team” and “we’re going to figure out which one is which.” The Stoops brothers didn’t care for the comment. In the fourth quarter, with the Sooners on their way to a convincing 52-9 victory, defensive coordinator Mike Stoops stepped from the sideline and stared across the field, raising his arms, then his palms, as if he were asking Miles, “You want some more?”

After the beat-down, Bob Stoops met Miles at midfield. “I just said ‘good game,' " Stoops was quoted as saying, “and started to walk off. He grabbed me and said, ‘I guess we found out who the No. 1’ ... I didn’t listen. ‘I guess we found who out who the No. 1 team was.’ Or something. I just heard part of it. I was halfway gone ... he doesn’t need to tell me what we are.”

2. Strait saves the Sooners

In 2000, OU was a team of destiny. But the Sooners survived quite the scare from the 3-8 Cowboys before winning their seventh national title. They moved inside the 10-yard line and on fourth-and-goal from the 12, Aso Pogi threw the ball up for grabs in the end zone to tight end Marcellus Rivers. But cornerback Derrick Strait tipped the ball away, sending OU to the Big 12 title game unscathed with a 12-7 victory.

3. Landry goes back-to-back

In 2010, the Cowboys kept coming. Problem for them, Landry Jones kept coming right back. In the final four minutes of the fourth quarter Jones hit Cameron Kenney for an 86-yard touchdown, then James Hanna for a 76-yard score 33 seconds later to stave off the Pokes and give the Sooners a 47-41 victory and the Big 12 South Division title.

4. AD goes around the world

A freshman running back by the name of Adrian Peterson rushed for 249 yards, carrying the Sooners to a 38-35 victory in Stillwater in 2004. The play of the day came in the third quarter, when Peterson spun all the way around and through a tackle, then sprinted away from the pack for an 80-yard touchdown.

5. Sam Bradford flips out

Late in the third quarter in the 2008 game, Heisman quarterback Sam Bradford took off down the sideline. As he dove for the end zone and was knocked out of bounds, Bradford did an aerial cartwheel. Bradford came up short of the goal line, but the Sooners scored a touchdown anyway and prevailed 61-41 in a Stillwater shootout, catapulting OU to the Big 12 title and BCS title championship game.

6. Gresham goes tip six

The Bradford airborne flip wasn’t the only remarkable play of that game. Early in the third quarter, Bradford’s pass over the middle bounced off Manny Johnson’s hands, over two OSU defenders and into the arms of a streaking Jermaine Gresham, who took the catch in for a touchdown. The record-setting Sooners were virtually unstoppable the rest of the night.

7. Wide left

Despite Peterson’s record performance in ’04, Bedlam came down to the wire. Fortunately for OU, “Sooner Magic” was in the house. Donovan Woods’ potential game-winning TD pass sailed over Prentiss Elliot’s outstretched arms by just an inch or two, setting up Jason Ricks’ 49-yard field goal attempt to try and tie the game. The kick sailed left, and the Sooners held on to remain on the track for the national title game.

8. Robinson denied twice

The Sooners had lost Rhett Bomar before the 2006 season and Peterson to a broken collarbone a few games in. Yet OU was on the verge of a Big 12 title, provided the Sooners secured the win in Stillwater. OU led 27-14 when Zac Robinson replaced an injured Bobby Reid at QB. Robinson’s mobility gave the Sooners fits. But on fourth and goal in the fourth quarter, Robinson tried to leap into the end zone, but was met by the Sooners, and linebacker Demarrio Pleasant recovered the fumble in the end zone for the touchback.

Robinson drove the Pokes back into OU territory again. But on the game’s final play, Sooners safety Lendy Holmes batted Robinson's 25-yard desperation pass away from D'Juan Woods to secure the 27-21 victory.

9. Bradley-to-Clayton

The 2003 head-kicking featured plenty of exclamation points. But the boldest came late in the third quarter, when Mark Bradley took the reverse and found Mark Clayton wide open for a 17-yard touchdown to put the Sooners up 38-9.

Bob Stoops didn’t take the foot off the pedal, either. OU would complete two more touchdown passes in the fourth quarter to polish off the 52-9 rout.

10. Broyles goes the distance

Nobody expected much from the Sooners in the 2009 Bedlam game. OSU was playing for a Fiesta Bowl berth. OU was trying to avoid its sixth loss. Instead, the Sooners obliterated the Pokes 27-0 despite playing tight end Eric Mensik at left tackle in place of Trent Williams, who suffered a concussion the week of the game, one of countless OU injuries that season.

The highlight of the victory came in the fourth quarter. Ryan Broyles ran back to the 12-yard line collect Quinn Sharp’s booming punt, juked right, then dashed back left. Untouched, Broyles weaved back across the field for the game-clinching touchdown.