Oregon recruiting mailbag (Oct. 26)

Thomas Tyner is expected to be a perfect fit for the Oregon Ducks. Courtesy of Tiffany Fieken

As the Ducks get set to take on Colorado this weekend before the meat of the schedule hits, DuckNation mailbag has been overflowing with questions. It's about time to lighten the load and get to it.

Thomas M. (Cornwall on Hudson, NY): Out of those mentioned in your article about who the Ducks missed on, who do you think has been the biggest 'miss' for the Ducks in recent years?

DuckNation: That's a tough question because it all depends on how you view it. Do the Ducks need that go-to receiver or do they need an impact defensive tackle?

I'll always lean towards the defense. Receivers can be great and dominate a game, but if the other team has a defensive tackle that can either get to the passer or take on two blockers, it allows the defense to gain an edge.

Of course, a defense might need to shade a safety to the star receiver's side, which leaves the rest of the team in man coverage.

The Ducks have faced plenty of star receivers but facing a game-changing defensive tackle has been their only downfall in recent years. That being said, take your pick. Ethan Johnson, Jurrell Casey, George Uko or Dominique Easley.

I'll say Casey since he is a proven commodity in the NFL. If not for his brother's situation, he would have been a Duck. Having him in the middle could have changed things against Stanford in 2009 and Auburn in 2010.

Clarence K. (Seattle, Wash.): Are the Ducks ever going to sign anyone from Washington again? It seems like they can never pull any of the top guys from up here.

DuckNation: It all depends on what your criteria is for being a 'top' guy. Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins have certainly lived up to the hype. There have been plenty of guys the Ducks didn't sign -- or even offer -- that would be considered busts when you compare their college careers to their recruiting profile.

If you look at someone like David Paulson -- a three-star recruit that didn't have 50 offers, but had a great college career before being drafted into the NFL -- you can consider the Ducks to be doing ok, considering that he hails from a border state that doesn't like the Ducks at all.

It's tough for the Ducks to sign kids that were raised to hate all things green and yellow with a passion. The few they have signed have turned in pretty solid careers in Eugene.

They haven't gotten many prospects from Washington, but they will in the future. It just has to be the right fit for the Ducks and for the commit.

Ryan W. (Portland, Ore.): With the Beavers doing so well, is there a chance [Thomas] Tyner or [Evan] Voeller look at them?

DuckNation: There's always a chance, but the Beavers just don't have the same draw as the Ducks. Tyner is a great fit for the Ducks and should have a standout career in Eugene. He visited Corvallis unofficially as a junior but he seems settled on the Ducks.

With Voeller, he too seems set with the Ducks as he has been off the radar since his commitment to the Ducks.

Never say never but it doesn't seem likely that they will sway either one.

McKenzie M. (Eugene, Ore.): The Ducks want another running back in this year's class. Who do you think they will get, if anyone?

DuckNation: The Ducks are still in search of another running back but it is tough to say right now.

Derrick Green of Richmond (Va.) Hermitage is set to visit Oregon on Nov. 16 for the weekend of the Stanford game.

Green has a lot of options that are a lot closer to home. Michigan, Tennessee, Auburn and Virginia Tech all seem like better fits when it comes to offensive style. The Ducks have stuck with him and will do their best to sway him next month, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Tarean Folston of Cocoa (Fla.) High School has offers from everywhere and recently visited Notre Dame. He has been quiet so far but word is that he will visit Oregon next. He is another long shot based on distance but would fit the offense well.

Kani Benoit of Phoenix (Ariz) Thunderbird and Terrell Newby II of West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade are two backs the Ducks continue to pursue. Benoit does not have an offer yet and the latest word is that Newby doesn't either.

Newby plays in a similar offense to the Ducks and is an underrated talent. He has visited Nebraska both officially and unofficially but maintains no favorites as he plans to visit Cal, Oregon and Washington before making a decision.

An offer from the Ducks and a subsequent visit to Oregon might turn the tide in the Ducks' favor.