Marcus Mariota HS scouting report

Oregon's Marcus Mariota is all over the college football landscape these days, piloting the No. 2 Ducks to an undefeated season as a redshirt freshman. But what were the scouts saying coming out of high school? Sure, Mariota was only a two-star recruit, but it's clear from the Scouts Inc. report that there was a lot of potential there.

Mariota's HS scouting report:

Mariota is a tall and lanky quarterback prospect that is part pocket passer and part runner as he is really athletic. He is very slender and lacks bulk and strength, but shows good arm strength and playmaking ability when the original play breaks down and he can utilized on designed runs where he is very effective. Has the look of a wide receiver and moves like one too. Shows the ability to make most necessary throws and has a high, over-the-top release. Has natural velocity on his passes and the height to survey the entire field.

Shows sound footwork dropping back and getting set quickly. Shows adequate touch and flashes the ability to lead receivers when throwing underneath, but also shows the arm to push the ball downfield and shows very good velocity throwing outside of the numbers. At times shows very good plant and deliver on timing routes and has shown the ability to fit the ball into tight spots when his feet are set and he gets some power behind him. Shows adequate pocket presence, does a nice job of stepping up when feels pressure coming off the edge and keeping his eyes downfield. He appears to be at his best when the launch point is moved and he can make plays on the run or when improvising.

While Mariota does show some redeeming physical traits, he is raw and inconsistent. Does not always show the ability to hang in the pocket and stay with his reads. Accuracy can waver and he lacks a great overall arm in terms of power and ball speed. Has a high release, but really "cups" the ball with his wrist in his delivery. Mariota could be a guy that develops later down the road and needs to be in the spread offense where he can use his athleticism. Could possibly be a guy that moves to wide receiver at the next level.