Oregon recruiting by state; MN, IL, WI.

Oregon did its best but could not convince Bolingbrook, Ill., native Antonio Morrison to pick Oregon, as the Ducks have struck out regularly in Illinois over the past decade. Courtesy of UF Communications

The Ducks have never had the benefit of loading up on local players who grew up dreaming of playing for the them. The talent level just isn't there. The truth is, it likely never will be. The Ducks have always recruited California as well as they can be expected to. In recent years, the Ducks have done a great job of going into states not known for producing talent to secure commitments from some players that were mostly overlooked throughout their high school careers.

To continue the series of Oregon's recruiting by state, DuckNation examines the success -- or lack thereof -- that the Ducks have experienced when recruiting the states of Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin over the past decade. While the region is not exactly a recruiting hotbed, the Ducks have been able to land a couple players from Illinois.

Here is a look at who they offered, who visited, who they signed and how their careers played out.

2003: The Ducks offered just two recruits from the region in the Class of 2003

RB Kenni Burns (Springfield, Ill.): Burns signed with Indiana without ever visiting Oregon.

OL Martin O'Donnell (Downers Grove, Ill.): O'Donnell signed with Illinois without ever visiting Oregon.

2004: The Ducks offered four players from the region, signing one.