Oregon recruiting mailbag: Dec. 21

The holidays are here and the Ducks are getting set to push toward signing day in February. The DuckNation mailbag has been overflowing with questions. It's about time to lighten the load and get right to it.

Stephen R. (Laguna Beach, Calif.): Are the Ducks really lagging this bad in recruiting? An offensive lineman from New Jersey that Stony Brook and Delaware wouldn't offer, now has an offer from a top-five team with an almost two months left until signing day. We should be doing better!

DuckNation: I guess Chip Kelly and Steve Greatwood -- two former national coaches of the year -- should call NFL All-Pro Max Unger of the Seattle Seahawks and remind him that he isn't supposed to be any good. Unger was a recruit that nobody wanted out of Hawaii and he turned out to be ok. A lot of fans hate the term, 'trust the coaches,' but really, trust the coaches. Also, check out Jake Pisarcik's senior film and you'll likely be singing a different tune.

West Virginia, Maryland, Boston College, Syracuse and others have come calling to try and get Pisarcik to visit their schools. He'll be fine. So will the Ducks.

Daveed F. (San Antonio, Texas): How will the latest news with the NCAA affect the Ducks' recruiting efforts? It seems like it could be big trouble.

DuckNation: If it is true that the NCAA denied Oregon's attempt at a summary disposition it could spell trouble for the Ducks. There have been rumblings about Oregon offering up a couple of scholarships per year for two or three years and if that's what they offered -- and were denied -- by the NCAA, the infractions committee could be swinging for the fences to make an example out of the Ducks and their dealings with Texas-based street-agent/scouting service director/mentor, Willie Lyles. Nothing is finalized yet and a ruling won't come until the spring based on the usual schedule. That being said, there shouldn't be any negative influence on this year's class, unless the Ducks decide to take a lower number during this recruiting cycle in an effort to get out in front of any potential sanctions.