Oregon spring predictions: No. 3

There are still two weeks until Oregon begins spring practice, but that won’t keep us from looking ahead and making predictions about what we'll see in the spring game.

No. 3: Cameron Hunt will make the biggest personal gains on the O-line

Why: Hunt played in 12 games for the Ducks and started the final six at right guard. As a freshman, he stepped into a really tough position and though he showed some obvious growing pains -- which are to be expected of any freshman, especially one on either the offensive or defensive lines -- he also showed a lot of promise.

Expect that promise to really show itself this spring when he takes the field for the scrimmage. It will be hard to spot, as unlike other positions, it’s not as though linemen get specific stats or automatic grades. For a wide receiver or running back, it’s much easier to tell whether they do well or whether they struggle. But a big part of the success of the right side of the offensive line will depend on Hunt.

So while it won’t be an exact metric, look for the right side to look more complete as Hunt makes the transition. His freshman growing pains will be the Ducks' gains though this season as his early experience will pay dividends for an offense line that hopes to make a major jump.

Other spring predictions:

  • No. 5: The defensive line won’t be as far along as most would like

  • No. 4: The tight ends will become more involved in the pass game