Pac-12 conference scores well with APR

The NCAA released its annual Academic Progress Rate (APR) on Wednesday.

In order to compete in championships during the 2014-15 season, teams need to earn a 930 average over the previous four years or a 940 average over the previous two years.

Stanford is the Pac-12's headliner. Last year they led the conference with a rating of 978. This year, they lead with an increased APR of 978. The two schools to make the biggest jumps in their multiyear rates were UCLA and Washington, which both increased their APRs by 13.

Ten Pac-12 football programs reported an improvement. The two teams that didn’t show improvement were Oregon State and USC. However, all of the Pac-12 teams will be eligible to compete in this year’s championships. Across the country, 12 teams were penalized, 10 of which were given postseason bans.

Here’s the ranking of the Pac-12 APR with last year’s multi-year rate in parenthesis:

Stanford: 984 (978)

UCLA: 979 (966)

Utah: 970 (963)

Washington: 967 (954)

Arizona: 960 (956)

Oregon: 958 (951)

Colorado: 955 (946)

Oregon State: 950 (957)

Washington State: 944 (942)

Arizona State: 941 (937)

USC: 941 (945)

Cal: 938 (935)

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