Oregon spring standouts: No. 3

The spring season for Oregon was relatively un-newsworthy (with the exception of the Bralon Addison injury). And when it comes to spring football, un-newsworthy is typically a good thing. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t standouts.

This week we’re going to take a look at five standouts from spring practices.

No. 3: QB Marcus Mariota

On the field, Mariota was exactly what most thought and hoped he would be: smooth, efficient and impressive. If he has one fault as the starting quarterback for the Ducks it’s that he makes it all look too easy. The bar he is setting is one that most will never hit.

His biggest stride this spring, however, came in his leadership. For the past year, coach Mark Helfrich has tried to get Mariota to become more vocal, but it has been a difficult step for Mariota, who’s naturally a quiet guy. But this spring, Helfrich lauded Mariota for the steps the signal-caller has made in that regard.

Oregon’s success next season is not only going to ride on Mariota’s arm, but also his leadership. This spring was necessary for Mariota to work on the latter more than the former. Both seem to be in pretty good shape at this point heading in to the 2014 season.

Other spring standouts: