Duck Tales: Monday practice media access

Duck tales. Duck tales.


  • After Saturday's performance it's no surprise that the backs were a big topic of conversation on Monday. Byron Marshall, Thomas Tyner and Royce Freeman combined for two touchdowns and 229 yards on 29 carries against South Dakota. Running backs coach Gary Campbell said that he thought they did well but that they need to get better -- so there's the obvious note of the day.

  • On where the backs must improve: "One-on-one, I think we need to be able to break tackles and one-on-one be able to avoid guys," Campbell said. "We have to make plays one-on-one and avoid getting tackled."

  • Campbell was happy with Freeman's performance (10 carries, 75 yards, two touchdowns). "Obviously he made a few mistakes, freshman mistakes," Campbell said. "But, physically he played pretty well. I expect him to be more physical and I think that'll come along with maturity."

  • The backs were also involved largely in the pass game. Marshall led the way for all receivers with eight catches. Tyner recorded three catches and Freeman recorded one. Offensive coordinator Scott Frost complimented the running backs' versatility. "I think all three of our backs have exceptional hands," Frost said. "It gives us an ability to use them in different ways."

  • QB Marcus Mariota said that he has worked on his chemistry in the pass game with Marshall. "He has had great hands out of the backfield," Mariota said. "We needed to find ways to get that guy on the field and he has done a great job. He's still learning out there and he's getting better every day."


  • He stressed communication up front so that the Ducks will be able to take their shots downfield. Mariota referred to Michigan State's defensive backs as some of the best in the country. Though the Spartans' "No Fly Zone" lost a few big names from last year, their secondary still looks very strong.

  • His evaluation of the receivers in the South Dakota game: "They did a great job," Mariota said. "For young guys, some of those guys playing in their first game, they handled their emotions well and they were able to get some catches in."

  • On whether he's concerned about going up against an experienced MSU defense with his young receivers: "These guys, even in practice today, they did a good job of understanding our game plan and making sure they're in the right places. For those guys, I think they're excited."

  • He said the MSU defense doesn't really remind him of any Pac-12 defense.

  • On recovery from actually playing in a game: "It was good to get the first hit -- that's always nice to kind of get those jitters out of the waym" Mariota said. "But I feel good. My body feels good."

  • He was impressed with the freshmen, saying they did an unbelievable job (though, during the postgame news conference on Saturday he did make a joke about some of the freshmen being a little overeager and putting on their pads three hours before game time). "We applaud those guys," Mariota said. "They came in wanting to make an impact, and that's what they did."

  • On where the offense needs to improve going into Week 2: "The tempo -- I think we can play a lot faster," Mariota said. "We understand our tempo is one of our greatest assets and if we continue to push that, push the potential of that, it'll really be a weapon for us."


  • On freshman offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby getting some snaps. The good: athleticism, explosive. Helfrich also said that he did a lot of good things as well as a lot of bad things, so basically what you'd expect from a freshman with a high talent ceiling. "It's a little bit of a mixed bag," Helfrich said. "I think ideally you're going to redshirt those guys, but as we've experienced if those guys are ready to go we're going to play them."

  • Oregon played 70 players on offense and defense (not including special teams), 10 of those were freshmen.

  • On what Mariota could improve on from Week 1 to Week 2: "He had a couple odd plays for him -- he had one ball that just kind of flubbed out of his hand, he tried to kind of run the route for the receiver and it's hard to do that with a quarterback trying to redirect mid pitch. That's something that happens. Another time he was kind of off balance. … I thought he coached the young guys up when he was out of there and did a good job in that regard."

  • Was he happy with how the Ducks tackled in space? "No." So, another obvious point to end the day.