Ducks recruiting by state: Oregon

Oregon native and San Diego Chargers tight end Dante Rosario was a key contributor for the Ducks and now in his sixth season in the NFL. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

On the field, most elite football programs work to build their rosters from the inside out. The same can be said in recruiting. Put a fence around your state or region in order to sign all the local talent and build around those players.

Schools such as USC, Texas, Florida State, Miami and nearly every other school from the south all have the ability to fill half of their recruiting classes with players from within a few hours of campus. What makes the rise of the Oregon football program so unique is that the state of Oregon is in the lower third of all states in producing Division I talent.

The Ducks have never had the benefit of loading up on players who grew up waiting for the day they could sign their names on letters of intent bound for Oregon's football offices. The truth is, they never will. The Ducks have been able to adjust and piece together recruiting classes full of talent from around the country while adding in local stars any time they have the chance.

DuckNation will be taking a look at the luck, or lack thereof, that the Ducks have had when recruiting individual states over the past decade.

Like any elite program, we'll begin at home and work our way out. The following is a list of the in-state prospects that signed with Division-I schools.



Top Prospects: Jordan Senn (Portland State), Ryan Gunderson (Oregon State), Alex Brink (Washington State), Erik Berglund (Washington), Keith Robertson (Oregon State), Andy Darkins (Oregon State), Zach Hagemeister (Oregon State), Roy Schuening (Oregon State), Dante Rosario (Oregon), Jared Smith (Akron)

Overview: The Ducks landed just one of nine players who went on to play for an FBS-level program. The one they did land, Rosario, is still in the NFL after a solid career in Eugene. They also offered Robertson and Schuening, who both chose the Beavers.