Oregon recruiting by state: Northeast

One of the more remarkable things about the steady rise the Oregon football program is that its home state is never going to be the place from which they stock their roster with talented recruits.

The Ducks never have had the benefit of loading up on local players who grew up dreaming of playing for the them. The talent level just isn't there, and it likely never will be. The Ducks always have recruited California as well as they can be expected to. In recent years, they have done a great job of going into states such as Texas to secure commitments from top players.

Even though Chip Kelly is a native of the Northeast, the Ducks have had no luck recruiting the region. After Kelly took over as Oregon head coach, he hired another Northeast native, former Syracuse defensive line coach Jerry Azzinaro, to the same position in Eugene. Azzinaro coached Dwight Freeney at Syracuse and has had the Ducks in contention for a couple of elite prospects from New York during his tenure. But between them, Kelly and Azzarino have been able to convince only one recruit from the region to cross the country to the Great Northwest. The Ducks offered only 11 recruits from the region over the last decade, nine since Kelly took over.

To continue the series of Oregon's recruiting by state, DuckNation examines the success -- or lack thereof -- Oregon has experienced when recruiting New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont over the past decade. Below is a list of the offers extended to recruits from the region by the Oregon coaching staff.