Meyer still puts premium on Ohio

An offer goes out to a Georgia athlete. It's one of 20 to the Peach State from Ohio State in the Class of 2014.

Click, clack.

Urban Meyer sends assistants to Florida and Texas, and more offers are issued. The Sunshine State now has 23 juniors with offers from the Buckeyes. The Lone Star State has 14.

We must protect this house? It hardly seems like it these days.

Ohio athletes hold just 12 offers from Ohio State and make up only eight percent of the ones handed out by the Buckeyes in the junior class.

As the 2014 class gets deeper into the recruiting season, there are fans wondering out loud why Meyer is disregarding the Buckeye State and heading north, east, south and west for recruits.

Yet, in the end, he’s really not. He's just being more choosy with the in-state talent.