Meyer won't actively recruit Penn State

CHICAGO -- Urban Meyer survived without any subtractions during his own period of free agency.

Now that the market is open elsewhere, the Ohio State coach isn’t looking to make any additions.

Despite the possibility of an open season at Penn State thanks to the NCAA sanctions handed down in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal that allows every player on the roster to transfer without penalty, Meyer indicated he would not be actively pursuing any of them as the Buckeyes recover from their own penalties.

“I have a problem with that,” Meyer said during his podium session at Big Ten media days on Thursday morning. “I just -- I have a problem with that. ... To actively go get a player on another team, I’m not sure. I really don’t understand the rule.

“I haven’t looked into it, and I’m not really sure of the rules with that. A young man has a right to play wherever he wants to play, and we have to keep that in mind. However, when he’s part of a team, given a situation we’re not very familiar with [those rules], we’re not going to get very familiar with it.”

Meyer had to familiarize himself with the possibility of players leaving his own program in December, though the seniors presented with the option to transfer out of Ohio State as it sits out the postseason this year chose to stick around rather than play elsewhere.

The list of potential targets for opposing coaches is much more extensive at Penn State because of its four-year bowl ban, which gives even incoming freshmen the option to jump to another ship and has created something of a feeding frenzy for the talent it currently has on campus. And while Meyer and his staff aren’t fighting for a spot at the table, the Buckeyes would at least be willing to listen if any current Nittany Lions gave them a call.

“If a player reaches out and says, ‘I want to leave here, I’m out of here, I’m gone,’ and he reaches out to someone, a player has a right to choose,” Meyer said. “Especially by the rules, he can go where he wants.

“Our seniors were allowed to leave, and we were very fortunate none did.”

Meyer said nobody at Penn State has picked up the phone looking to join those Buckeyes who elected to stay put.

And it doesn’t appear any calls will be going the other direction to the Nittany Lions, either.